How to Submit to The Literary Serenity Blog

The Literary Serenity Blog welcomes submissions from any writers or artists who would like to share their work. This is a non-paying publication, but here is your chance for free publicity!

General Guidelines:

-Please keep in mind that visitors to this site might range widely in their ages and backgrounds. So please be sensitive with what you choose to submit (try to avoid explicit graphic material and pieces with a great deal of swearing).

-Up to 2,000 words for fiction and nonfiction pieces (multiple submissions accepted).

-Up to three poems at a time (must be less than 3,000 words in total).

-Photographs and artwork (please send as .png and .jpg files).

-Please provide a short biography attached as a separate file with your submissions to Place “Submission to The Literary Serenity Blog” in the subject line.


[Note]: If you are a Literature & Writing Studies student or faculty member at Cal State San Marcos, interested in having your work published in the Spring 2017 edition of Literary Serenity: The Journal, please follow the directions here.


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