Literary Blog Journal: 1/31/17

Hello everyone!

Welcome to Literary Serenity, a blog focused around the world of Literature & Writing Studies. Here are a few of my hopes for this site:

  1. To provide information on as many fascinating aspects of this ever-growing field as possible, as well as useful advice for writers, readers, and all other literary enthusiasts. That includes things like book reviews, heads-up about literary readings (specifically close to the San Marcos area), literary organizations, and relevant news flashes.
  2. To gather links to helpful tools such as the OWL Purdue website, literary contests, etc. for easy access by visitors.
  3. To offer a platform for artists to submit and publish their work (which is a great way to build a portfolio).

And most of all:

  1. To foster a friendly and supportive on-line community interested in all things literary.

Here is the planned site layout:

  • Writerly News & Updates—The latest things I’ve heard about in the literary world, including interviews with authors, interesting literature or creative writing-based websites, etc.
  • Literary Blog Journal—What’s I’m up to in terms of my own freelance writing, travels, musings on literary matters, etc.
  • Helpful Writing Tips and Sources—Posts helpful to other writers who might visit the site.
  • Reviews—Of various books, movies, plays, etc.
  • Submissions—Has information about how to submit work to the “Writing Community Portfolio” section of the Literary Serenity website.
    • Literary Serenity: The Journal—Has details about the first 2017 edition of Literary Serenity: The Journal, which will raise funds for the Literature & Writing Studies graduate program at Cal State San Marcos.
    • Writing Community Portfolio—Includes pieces submitted by other writers and artists, each with biographies, to help give them some coverage.

I’m still adding content to Literary Serenity, and you’ll find a lot of empty places. But of special note is the call for submissions under the “Submissions” tab—particularly for Literature & Writing Studies students from Cal State San Marcos (hint, hint).

Is there anything you would like to see added to the site? Please feel free to comment below, or to send any inquiries to


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