Spotlight: The Los Angeles Review of Books

Here’s a great organization for any writer and/or translator to check out:

Founded by UC Riverside Professor Tom Lutz in April 2011, the Los Angeles Review of Books (or LARB) describes itself as “a nonprofit literary and cultural arts organization that combines the great tradition of the book review with the evolving technologies of the web” ( However, LARB not only features book reviews of various authors and translators, but also podcasts, video documentaries, and newsletters (among other multiplatform works). In addition, they organize physical literary readings and gatherings for their members (and anyone with an interest in the literary community).

Other Important information:

  • Started as an ad hoc Tumblr blog by Tom Lutz, following the loss of traditional newspaper book review supplements, specifically an insert for the Los Angeles Times’. That Tumblr blog took off in popularity amid the on-line literary community, leading to the foundation of the website and an actual office location in Hollywood.
    • The Los Angeles Review of Books now releases a monthly print publication as well.
  • According to Executive Editor Boris Dralyuk, one of the best articles to show LARB’s impact appeared in The Hollywood Reporter—where the organization received praise as a “hub for culture” by personages such as Cameron Diaz (famous actress) and Matthew Weiner (Creator of Mad Men). He also recommends that anyone who wants to get involved in LARB sign up for their newsletter, which provides information about their upcoming events or activities (!).

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