Helpful Writing Tips and Resources: Freelance Writing Job Board and Payment Rates

To get started . . . .

If you’re searching for a variety of freelance writing possibilities on-line, lists of reliable job boards are always a good thing. A while back I came across one such list composed by Kelly Gurnett for The Write Life, with her list “9 Online Gold Mines for Finding Paid Freelance Writing Jobs.” Check out her article at the link below if you are interested:

I have found several nice writing and editing positions through the links Gurnett suggested, including a steady contract transcription gig. However, as Gurnett also brings up in her article, be mindful while applying for any freelancing opportunities. Make sure you know what you are applying to do, that the payment is clear and fair, and if the hiring business (or individual) is reputable. Content mills, for instance, tend to ask writers to produce several articles for low amounts (around $5 to $10 each), when more reputable businesses might pay upwards of $35 or more for well-researched, thoughtful pieces). In other words, know what your writing is worth!

The Editorial Freelancers Association has an excellent list that details average rates for particular writing and editing projects, which might also help you out (found below):

Another publication that is sure to steer you in the right direction is Writer’s Market (which updates each year).

Happy writing!


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