Writerly Tips: On-Line Writing Communities

On-line writing communities are important to take note of during our digital era. They are convenient for people who have mobility issues, lack physical writing groups in their area, or need to build a little confidence before showing their writings elsewhere. My experience with them is as low-stress environments to get feedback on your work, and to offer helpful advice or encouragement to fellow writers.

A Few Important Tips and Advice:

-Find a writing community that accommodates the genres or types of writing on which you would like to focus. Most of them will accept a wide range of selections, including poetry and novel chapters. However, some sites might prefer their participants to contribute in one particular vein of writing (to specialize). So make sure you are aware of the on-line writing community’s guidelines or submission rules.

-The writers who participate in these communities come from all walks of life and levels of experience (just like any other writing group). So please be gentle when giving advice and strive to give constructive feedback. It is nice and just fine to give or receive praise for posted writing. But commenting a piece simply “doesn’t work,” for instance, fails to provide any suggestions for improvement (and is also very discouraging).

-If someone comments on your work, try to do the same in return!

-As with any other online site, be wary of giving away too much personal information. Writing communities can provide a great opportunity to build professional connections, especially with writers who have done other writing work (particularly if they have on-line portfolios or can verify their identities somehow). But, in most cases, the writers on such sites remain anonymous to each other or maintain a professional distance (though you can still make friends, of course).

-Have fun! The good thing about writing communities is the fact they are so laidback. You set your own deadlines for posting writings, can read and share your reactions to the stories of other writers, and help encourage an overall love for creative writing.

Below is an article that gives a helpful list of writing communities to get you started [NaNoWriMo is a personal favorite of mine]:


Please share your thoughts regarding on-line writing communities, and other great ones to join, by commenting below! ^_^


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