Writer’s Journal: 16 July 2017

Happy Sunday, everyone! I must admit, Sundays are among my favorite days in the week. They lay like bookmarks between the initial excitement of Saturday, and the busy week right around the corner. In other words, they can act like cool-down periods or transitions from one chapter in life to the next. For some reason, out in the countryside, it seems even quieter than usual as well. It’s as if even the natural world slows down or takes life just a bit easier than at any other time.

But Sundays are also fine takes for tidying up around the home, I’ve also found. For instance, today I wound up rearranging all the books on the shelves throughout my bedroom. I’m sure many people can relate to having rooms where they have books at least somewhere on every wall, almost like a nest of texts. And while re-organizing, I kept coming across books I had completely forgotten about, and kept pausing to read at least a chapter or two from each one.

Richard Adam’s Watership Down, Terry Pratchett’s Hogfather, and Jean Shepherd’s A Christmas Story—they were among the various titles that I rediscovered again. Isn’t it wonderful how certain books can keep astonishing us, or fill us with such delight when we come across them again after many months or even years?

Do you understand what I mean? What do you think?

Feel free to share your thoughts below!

Thanks, and hope everyone is doing well. ;3


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