Writer Journal (24 May 2018)—Trials and Developments

After struggling with hand and wrist problems for a while, I did some research and wound up getting an “Ergonomic Keyboard.” The keys on the keyboard in question are spread further apart from each other, and mine includes a gel wrist rest—all of which helps to keep my hands in a natural, relaxed position while typing. So far, it has served me well and—along with more breaks—means that my hand issues haven’t returned.

Hopefully my hand problems have gotten resolved for the time being.

Now I can focus on other issues in my life, such as improving this blog in every possible way. I had hoped to place more articles on here that concentrated on Metafiction as an emerging area of literary studies (which has yet to gain acceptance as a “critical lens” through which to view texts), alongside metafictional works. But literature and creative writing are such amazing areas that I want up exploring them at length as well.

I love Literature & Writing Studies! ^_^


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