Writerly Tips: Fun Little Found Texts

During a visit to Idyllwild a while back, I passed a little cafe with an amusing chalk board out front that read as follows:

I was once addicted

To the hokey pokey

But then I turned

myself around.

It was also a nice lesson on the unexpected nature of found texts, a perfectly acceptable source for creative writing.

Found texts are any texts you might find scattered about in the world. You could come across a whimsical quote, perhaps, that someone chalked on a sidewalk.  Or maybe you notice a little poem doodled in the margins of a used book.

Such works can become pieces of a collage it is possible to put together to form new works.

So if you are having any troubles finding places to begin your next creative piece, maybe you shouldgo on the search for a patchwork collection of literary gems that other people might have set adrift in various locations.

Simple and sweet.







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