Submission: Tiny Leaps

Tiny Leaps

A little bird

Urged from the nest

May fear the drop beyond

But will find nature has provided

True and limitless freedom

After just a tiny bit of courage

The kind that rests in the heart

Found in all little birds.



Submission: Unexpected Music

Sitting in a Study Room
Listening to two students sing
Who are unaware I can hear them

These women with rock-star aspirations
I believe they are trying a karaoke machine
In their small white box with paper-thin walls

What would they think if they knew I had overheard
The way each one broke into laughter after a few words
And commented how terrible they were indeed
Or if they had heard me applaud their efforts

So I will just admire them from afar
Unknown performers to an unknown audience

Submission: A Gentleman of Birds

This past week l met a gentleman

Who carried the songs of birds

Around inside his jean pocket

To take out whenever he spotted

A person in need of a little cheer

“The birds are singing for you,”

The gentleman would proclaim

“They are the happiness birds”


Everytime l remember his words

They have a distinct sweet rhythm

At which l always have to smile


Maybe l will meet him again











Writerly Tips: Ekphrasis

Ekphrasis poetry, which includes poems that translate images or similar media into words, is a nice tool to include in your repertoire of writing techniques. I learned about this type of poetry during a translation class in grad school, and it acts as another way to approach constructing poetry, which, after all, can broach a countless number of subjects.

For instance, we got asked to look at Kiki Smith’s sketched picture of “Ideas Are Often Stubborn As Shy Animals” from which to create an ekphrasis poem (and I would recommend that you google it, because it looks really nice); and I came up with this poem:

Kiki Smith

Against a wrinkled white canvas

Four figures stand in firm silence

A menagerie of heights and ages

All with faces that call for attention

Each different yet somehow the same

Vegetables struck with toothpicks hang

From white strings before them

One for every unknown person there

None acknowledges these odd offerings

They stare straight ahead at the viewer

With only the name of “Kiki Smith” known

Yet to whom that name might belong

Or whether it signifies them as a group

Is up for the individual to translate.





Creative Submission: It Must be Doctor Who

A while ago , I posted a creative piece in tribute to the Doctor Who series on my DeviantArt account (which I’ve since lost the password for, but really need to get back into again).  So I’ve decided to post it here. I hope you enjoy it!

When a man appears upon your avenue
Traveling in a police box of deep blue
To combat an alien menace that is true
You know this visitor has to be Doctor Who

The man who wears neckties just for the fun
He who carries a screwdriver instead of a gun
Who “lives in the past” if you’ll excuse the pun
And who can advance to when it had all begun

If such a person should ask you to come
Along for the ride where you can become
The Doctor’s assistant far from your home
Just take the chance and enjoy his welcome

Then you’ll travel through time and space
To locations familiar and a few like no place
You could imagine as part of the human race
Oh what an expression should be on your face!

For there is no other man who
Can live exactly like Doctor Who.


[Note]: I first wrote the above piece with Matt Smith in mind. However, here’s an interesting piece of news: In an exciting twist in Doctor Who history,  Jodie Whittaker will take over for Peter Capaldi as the newest (and the first woman to play) the Doctor (Yay!).

A Call for Submissions to Literary Serenity: The Grad Edition

Hello, CSUSM students and faculty!

Literary Serenity: The Grad Edition welcomes submissions from any writers or artists who would like to share their work. Here is your chance to showcase pieces online for potential employers to see, build your working portfolio and/or resume, and get encouragement or advice from peers. While this site has only been recently launched and is a non-paying publication, you can get free publicity and share your ideas.

Submissions from CSUSM grad students and faculty members in the Literature & Writing Studies department are especially welcome!

General Guidelines:

-Please keep in mind that visitors to this site might range widely in their ages and backgrounds. So please be sensitive with what you choose to submit. For instance, try to avoid explicit graphic material and pieces with a great deal of swearing. Hate speech against any groups or people is strictly prohibited!

-Send all text-based submissions as a single Microsoft Word document (with each piece on a new page).

-Include titles, or working titles, as doing so will make highlighting your work easier.

– Provide a short biography attached as a separate Microsoft Word (either .doc or .docx) file with your submissions to Place “Submission to The Literary Serenity Blog” in the subject line.

Content Formatting:

-Up to 2,000 words for fiction and nonfiction pieces (excerpts and multiple submissions accepted).

-Up to three poems at a time (must be less than 3,000 words in total).

-Photographs and artwork (please send as .png and .jpg files).

[Note]: If you have creative pieces that fall outside of the above parameters, please feel free to ask by commenting below or sending an email to


Since this blog is just getting started, there is much room for growth and the shaping of a unique identity. So you if you have suggestions for helpful articles, links, etc. The Literary Serenity Blog might provide, feel free to comment.

In addition, here is a question for possible consideration: How would visitors to this site feel about me setting up an informal, online creative writing workshop on this blog? In other words, writers might submit pieces for the purpose of getting constructive feedback from other people.

Happy writing!