Writer Journal (12Nov2018)

During this past week, I’ve begun to experiment with posting some of my reviews and short stories placed from this site onto DeviantArt….


I earned a few llamas–badges that other nice Deviants can share with each other for free–but otherwise the response there has been somewhat quiet and nonexistent.

Perhaps it is because DeviantArt is better known for its visual art, as opposed to its written works. It is easier for someone browsing a site like DA to enjoy several pieces of artwork, rather than sit down to read longer literary pieces. I guess artwork is what most visitors expect to encounter there.

For the time being, then, WordPress has shown itself to be the better place for written works to have more of a chance to get seen and appreciated–which does make sense because it is a place for bloggers to stretch out creative wings!

Hooray, WordPress!




Writer Journal (8Oct2018)–Decisions

Well, it’s been a while, and I haven’t posted anything noteworthy this blog (or at all, actually).

However, I also refuse to give up on maintaining a WordPress site. And now that I’ve gotten more experience with it, there is a lot I’d like to do using this site.

So, within this coming week, I plan to either take down my blog entirely in order to prepare a new one, or try and renovate the whole thing.

Has anyone else here made similar decisions with their WordPress sites before?

Please let me know below. Any advice would be helpful.








Writer Journal: 18Jul2018

Hi,  everyone!

Have you ever had one of those months where everything seems to be going splendidly at first, and then a series of misfortunes just rattles your life?

Unfortunately, the last several weeks have been like that for me. I found a great gig editing a translated biography, and I had plans to go traveling.

After spending the Fourth of July with my family, of course.

Then I twisted my foot so badly that I couldn’t walk on it, and so had to put my travel plans on hold.

Next, the editing cilent turned around and said they’d preferred the original translations of the text to my edits of it, so I felt like I’d let them down.

Tomorrow also happens to be my birthday.

But you know what? Despite all the above, I feel as if I’ve learned a lot about myself and the direction I’d like to go as a writer.

Like that it’s all right to slow down every once in a while, and just how valuable patience can be.

I also realized that as a freelance writer or editor, doing your best work every time, not every cilent will come away satisfied. Every gig is different, as are the cilents involved.

In this most recent case for me, our opinions of what the text needed to shine just happened to differ. We remained respectful of each other throughout the process, and they still paid me for the time I spent on it.

In the end, I even wound up using that money towards various charities. So I like to think that some good came out of those funds as well.

Life works in strange ways, sometimes. This time, it feels as if it had fun with me for a while, and now I feel okay.

Sorry for the rant! I hope all of you are enjoying the warmth of July.










Writer Journal (24 May 2018)—Trials and Developments

After struggling with hand and wrist problems for a while, I did some research and wound up getting an “Ergonomic Keyboard.” The keys on the keyboard in question are spread further apart from each other, and mine includes a gel wrist rest—all of which helps to keep my hands in a natural, relaxed position while typing. So far, it has served me well and—along with more breaks—means that my hand issues haven’t returned.

Hopefully my hand problems have gotten resolved for the time being.

Now I can focus on other issues in my life, such as improving this blog in every possible way. I had hoped to place more articles on here that concentrated on Metafiction as an emerging area of literary studies (which has yet to gain acceptance as a “critical lens” through which to view texts), alongside metafictional works. But literature and creative writing are such amazing areas that I want up exploring them at length as well.

I love Literature & Writing Studies! ^_^

Writer Journal (7May2018)—Does Anyone have Tips?

Good afternoon, everyone!

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted anything due to some medical issues. The transcription company I’m working for offered me a raise if I significantly increased the amount of work I completed each week, and as the days passed, stiffness and pain started to develop in my fingers and wrists.

Does anyone have any tips for how to deal with cramped or aching hands?

Writer Journal (23March2018)

I have a confession to make: there are books on the shelves of my home that I’ve meant to read for years. Most of them are works that sounded interesting when I bought them from thrift shops or library community bookshops, yet then got so busy with other things that they wound up tucked away or forgotten. It’s a little embarrassing.

On the other hand, there is a certain thrill is browsing your own personal library—on some slow or quiet day—and coming across some undiscovered story you can truly enjoy for the first time.

Such as my experience this past weekend, when while tidying up my shelves I came across T.H. White’s Mistress Masham’s Respose. Whew! I’d only known about T.H. White from having read The Once and Future King, a series of dense and rich retellings of King Arthur and his knights. In fact, the first book in that series, The Sword in the Stone, even basis for Walt Disney’s animated film by the same name.

So Mistress Masham’s Repose was a mystery, and as I delved in I wasn’t sure what to expect, aside from the fact that it didn’t center on the legends of King Arthur. In fact, it turned out to be a children’s book with its own merit and charm—and which also led me on an investigation of the story’s history and White’s background as an author. By the end of the weekend, of course, I feel like I’d gone on a rigorous adventure.

Books truly are amazing. They have whole worlds of stories between their covers, and then you can explore and learn so much from the stories of the authors and circumstances that brought them into existence.

But I’ll leave some of the things I discovered about T.H. White and Mistress Masham’s Repose for a book review (coming up next!).

Writer Journal–12March2018

Hi, everyone!

Have you ever had difficulty navigating around your WordPress site, arranging categories and your site’s pages?

I’ve grappled with several of those types of issues over the last few days, but now I think I’ve finally managed to figure out everything in that front.

In other words, I apologize if anyone has had trouble getting around my site due to issues with the menus!

Writer’s Log (Feb 18, 2018)–Confirmation and Mary and the Witch’s Flower

Hi everyone!

After a very satisfying and festive week, with a warm Valentine’s Day celebration and the beginning of the Chinese New Year of the Dog, I’m back to this blog at last!

Right on Valentine’s Day, l learned that CSUSM had conferred my master’s degree. So that made the day bright, alongside several cards from loved ones.

I hope everyone reading this post had a fun week!

In addition to the above-mentioned happenings, news of an intriguing animated film has started to spread around the internet: Mary and the Witch’s Flower.

Inspired by Mary Stewart’s The Little Broomstick, Mary and the Witch’s Flower is the tale of a young girl who visits a magical (yet dark) school. It’s the first film by Studio Ponoc, whose head animator came straight from Studio Ghibli ( Spirited Away, Ponyo, etc.); and that heritage shows through in the trailer released for it.

Apparently, we’re supposed to see the film over here in North America sometime around March or June. But the wait is worthwhile.

Happy reading!





Writer’s Log–February 5, 2018

Honestly, l’m in a bit of a limbo at the moment. My graduate program has yet to confer the master’s degree l earned this past fall, since it is taking longer than expected for them to confer degrees to all their students.

Oh well…

At least writing is something that l don’t need to wait to do. There is a freedom in the understanding that if l have an idea for a story, l am the one who chooses when to undertake it. ^_^

Writer’s Log—January 27, 2018

The ability to build and maintain a blog is a rewarding experience. In fact, while writing this particular writer’s log, I’m glad to report that my Literary Serenity: A Metafictional Writing Blog seems to have taken root at last. The site now contains several postings of book reviews, pieces focused on the field of literary studies, a few personal creative writings, questions, among other works. Even nicer is that I’ve gotten to enjoy blogs kept by other writers online, indulging in the wide variety of incredible information they have to share. Technology has truly come a long way over the last several years, to allow people for free to create blogs to showcase their talents to the world.

A regular blog is also important for professional reasons as a writer. I have now heard from many professors, writing friends, and freelancing sources (online and in print) that blogs are like working portfolios the blogger can then show to potential employers—to give them an idea of their expertise and quality of their work. So that was one reason I did start up Literary Serenity as a graduate student, and have since continued to develop it; in addition to the fun of the experience, and ability to develop my own theories on metafiction.

It’s a wonderful feeling to create something that other people can enjoy, and which can then turn into something else able to benefit you later!

Just out of curiosity, what were your reasons for deciding to create a blog (to all the other bloggers out there)?